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5 Reasons Why People Choose Cremation

Cremation has become a popular body disposition option for numerous reasons. Traditional earth burial was the go-to final services option in times past and it’s still popular, but more and more people are going with cremation these days. Here are 5 reasons why people are opting for cremation services in Antioch, TN. You might decide that cremation is the right option if you find yourself facing the scenario of planning final services for someone in your family.

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1. Lower Cost

Perhaps the biggest reason people are increasingly opting for a cremation over a funeral is the cost. A simple cremation that strips out some or all of the extra services will cost considerably less than a traditional funeral service. So if cost is a primary criterion when choosing a body disposition, then you’ll more likely than not want to go with cremation. Are you worried about not having a church service? You can always hold a memorial service at a later date.

2. Simplified

Compared to a traditional funeral service, a cremation service is a more streamlined process. There’s no need for a casket or pallbearers, and there’s no need for a church service or viewing. All in all, it’s the way to go if you want the job done with no extras.

3. Options

A cremation also offers a wealth of options. Your family members can take the ashes home, scatter the ashes, and much more. When it comes to a traditional burial, the only option is to bury the body. So if you’d like options after the body disposition, cremation is the way to go.

4. Take Up Less Space

If the deceased was a practical person who would never have liked the idea of taking up more space than necessary, then cremation is a good idea. After the cremation, you and your loved ones can keep the ashes as a keepsake, scatter the ashes, or bury the urn. Even you bury the urn, your deceased loved one will end up taking up a lot less space then if they were buried in a casket.

5. Donate Body to Medical Research

One of the ultimate ways that people can give back after they die is to leave their body for medical research. Is this something that your deceased loved one had wanted? If so, you can arrange to have any unused parts cremated afterward. If your loved one expressed this desire before passing on, hopefully they also made their wishes clear in writing such as in a will.

These are just some of the reasons why cremation services in Antioch, TN are so popular these days. If you’re interested in setting up final services, get in touch with the experts at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We have the expertise and the professionalism to help you plan a funeral or a cremation. Call us anytime at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director. You may also come to our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN to speak to someone in person.

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3 Funeral Home Myths to Get Out of Your Head

Let’s face it. No one wants to visit a funeral home. And when they finally do go to one, it’ll be at a time when they simply have to. But while an Antioch, TN funeral home may never crack your top 10 list of places you’d like to visit someday, that doesn’t mean that there’s anything to be afraid of or nervous about. Because of their association with death, funeral homes have been the subject of a lot of myths. Consider the following 3 funeral home myths that you may have hard and might possibly even believe – and discover why these misconceptions are wrong.

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Myth 1: Funeral Homes are Places of Doom & Gloom

While it’s true that funeral homes are places where final services are discussed, this doesn’t mean that these locations are filled with doom and gloom. Funeral directors and other people who work at funeral homes are trained professionals who understand how to help grieving people when they’re at their lowest point. People go to funeral homes for help with planning funerals or cremations, so they tend to leave funeral homes with more hope and certainty than when they arrived. So while the discussions might be sobering, the help that people receive from empathetic and knowledgeable professionals can make funeral homes beacons of hope.

Myth 2: Funeral Homes will Try to Nickel and Dime You

Final services for your deceased love done will cost you, but how much you spend is up to you. You can go with a funeral or a cremation. You’ll also get a price list from whatever funeral home you sign on with, so you’ll know how much everything costs upfront. This means that you, ultimately, get to decide how much the final services cost. If you and your family are particularly price-conscious, then going with cremation will all but certainly mean a lower bill.

Myth 3: A Viewing is a Must

Whether or not your family opts for a viewing is a matter of personal choice. Some families want it for closure while others prefer not to have one at all. You should get feedback from your loved ones before you decide what to do about a viewing. If even one family member wants a viewing as a chance to say their final goodbyes, then it would be a good idea to hold one. You might also want to consult with a funeral home to learn about some of the reasons why viewings can make a positive impact. Then you can make a final decision.

Do you need to reach out to a funeral home servicing Antioch, TN residents? Get in touch with us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We’re a professional funeral home and cremation service provider that is dedicated to helping grieving families in their times of need. Don’t let any of the myths discourage you in any way. We’re here to answer your questions as required, so get in touch. Call us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director or talk to someone in person at our office located at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN.

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3 Tips for Cleaning Out a Home After a Loved One Dies

After Nashville, TN cremation services, you may find yourself helping to clean out the home of a deceased loved one ahead putting the residence up for sale. You can imagine that it will be difficult to undertake such a responsibility while you’re still mourning, but it might be one of those things that you simply have to do regardless of how you feel.

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Here are 3 tips to help you clean out the home of a deceased relative before putting a for-sale sign on the front lawn.

1. Determine the Scope of the Undertaking

Your first order of business is to figure out just how much work needs to be done. Is it a big home or a small home? Did your deceased loved one have lots of stuff in the home or garage? Does the home require extensive repairs? After you figure out the size of the undertaking, you’ll be able to know whether you can take it on alone or whether you need help to get the job done.

2. Write an Inventory

One of the things you need to do is compile an inventory of everything in the house. This is critical. You’ll want to know what things will go to family and friends of the deceased, what things to put up for sale, what things to donate to a thrift shop, and what things to throw out. If your deceased relative left a will behind, don’t forget to consult it to see if they left anything in their home to specific people. Your next order of business will be to contact these people and ask them either to collect the items or to make arrangements for the items to be delivered to them.

3. Get Outside Help if Necessary

Do you have the necessary manpower to get the job done? You don’t want to do it yourself, and you may not have enough willing hands and able bodies to pitch it. If you don’t have enough family and friends to help or if there are certain tasks that you can’t manage, consider getting professional help. You may, for instance, hire a junk removal company to remove stuff destined for the landfill. You may also need to hire movers if you’ll be putting anything into storage.

After the cremation services in Nashville, TN, you may find that there’s plenty of work to do. Cleaning out the home of a deceased loved one can be a lot of work, but the tips above can help you to get through it. You’ll then be ready to put the home up for sale. We’ll leave it to you and your family to focus on the housecleaning strategy, but you can rely on us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service to handle final services for your dearly departed loved one. Call us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director about your specific needs. We’ll help you with the big and small decisions. You can also stop by our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN.

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5 Fascinating Funeral Traditions from Around the Globe

If you’re planning a funeral service at a Nashville, TN funeral home, and need some inspiration, you can get ideas by considering some funeral traditions from around the world. One thing you can be certain of is that funeral services don’t have to be somber affairs. You can plan something that celebrates the life of the deceased and leaves mourners feeling inspired to live life to the fullest. Here are 5 fascinating funeral traditions from around the globe.

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1. Hanging Coffins in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the Igorot tribe bury their deceased loved ones by nailing their coffins to elevated cliff faces. The rationale behind this intriguing, yet unconventional, practice is that it supposedly brings their dead closer to ancestral spirits. While it’s unlikely you’ll want to mimic this tradition, it’s still interesting to know that such a practice exists someplace in the world.

2. Ghanaian Custom Coffins

In Ghana, specifically in the Greater Accra area, there is a trend towards getting themed coffins. So people can get coffins that are constructed to represent anything ranging from their professions to their special interests. This means they can get a coffin that looks like a luxury car, an animal, or something else. Would a custom-built coffin be something you’d consider?

3. Sky Burials in Tibet

The sky burial method isn’t for the squeamish. A tradition among Vajrayana Buddhists, it involves placing a deceased body on top of a mountain and leaving it to decompose and to be eaten by vultures. It may not be the sort of option you would choose for a deceased loved one or for yourself after you pass away. But it is considered a final act of charity since the soul of the deceased is believed to depart the body, which would render the body an empty shell.

4. Famadihana

Famadihana, also called the turning of the bones, is a funeral ritual that comes from Madagascar’s Malagasy people. Every five to seven years, these people exhume the bodies of their deceased loved ones from crypts. They re-wrap the bones in new cloth, dance with the re-wrapped bones, share news with the deceased about their families, ask the deceased for their blessing, and then put the re-wrapped bones back into the crypts. The Malagasy people do this because they believe that the deceased must be fully decomposed before they can enter the afterlife.

5. Smoked Mummies

In Papua New Guinea’s Menyamya area, the Anga people practice a funeral ritual that might catch you off guard. It involves smoke-curing deceased bodies and then suspending the mummified remains from clifftops. This practice is viewed as a show of great respect for the dearly departed. While the ritual is seldom practiced these days, it has not fizzled out completely.

You may not be able to relate to some of the fascinating funeral rituals from other countries, but it’s sometimes interesting to see how things are done elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for a traditional funeral or you want to inject some personality into it, you can count on us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service to help you plan final services that honor your deceased loved one. You can reach us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director. You can also visit our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN. Whether you call or visit, you can speak to the premier Nashville, TN funeral home in and around the area.

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3 Questions You Might Find Yourself Pondering After a Loved One’s Death

Before, during, and after the Franklin, TN cremation for your deceased loved one, you’ll be dealing with a wave of emotions. Shock, sadness, confusion, grief, and anger are just some of the emotions you may experience. And you can bet that you’ll have a lot of questions going through your mind. What follows is a look at some of the questions you may encounter — as well as answers that will hopefully provide some comfort in your time of need.

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“I’m Not Sure I’ll Be Able to Move on After the Death of My Loved One. What Should I Do?”

While it tends to be easier said than done, it’s still good advice to remember that you’ll need time to adjust to your new normal. When a death occurs, you will initially have a hard time dealing with the finality of it all. Death causes separation — and when that separation involves people who shared close bonds in this life, it can be hard. But hang in there, surround yourself with supportive people, and remember to take care of yourself. Things will get better, but it will take time. And you should give yourself all the time you need.

“I Feel as Though My Friends Are Avoiding Me. Why Have They Become So Distant?”

If it feels as though your friends are distant, it might simply be that they don’t know how to react or what to do. Some people simply feel uncomfortable about issues related to death. If they see you falling apart under the strain, they might not know what to do. You might have to be the one to let them know how they can help. Chances are they’ll respond when they know what they can do to assist you in your time of need. You might want to talk to someone on the phone, head out to a restaurant with some friends for lunch, or simply hang out with people you know at home.

“Why Did God Allow This to Happen to Me?”

Are you a religious person? The death of a loved one might cause you to question why, if there’s a loving deity, there has to be so much pain and suffering in the world. Asking questions like this when your grieving is fair and healthy. Remember, though, that life is a mixed bag with some good experiences and some bad experiences. And while the negative occurrences may be painful, you shouldn’t allow them to obscure all of the blessings in life. All families deal with death at some time or another. This is, unfortunately, that way it’s always been. It’s important to accept this reality, focus on the positive, and live life to the fullest. Things will get better.

These are just some of the questions you might ask yourself before, during, or following the Franklin, TN cremation. For more information on planning final services, contact us at Ellis Funeral Home & Cremation Service. You can reach us at (615) 255-5412 to speak to our funeral director. Also feel free to come by our office at 2627 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN to speak to someone in person.